BBNaija reunion : Angel lambastes fan who labeled her parents as ‘Beggars’

June 18th, 2022

The Bbnaija reunion show came to an end as the night and as expected the drama intensified as Angel Smith lambastes fans who called her parents beggars.

Taking to twitter, the fans had asked Cross if he gave Angel’s parents money.

He wrote :

Cross gave Angels father and mother money?

That didn’t sit well with Angel as she took to her page to clap back.

She wrote :

Are you out of your stupid ass mind??? Don’t try me this evening. My father and your boy did a charity case together and they donated to an orphanage. Cut that bs out.

And let everyone call me angry and defensive; I do not care. Whatever narrative about me can fly but you see my parents? You will not dare label them as beggars.

Y’all better leave my Good man alone; because I will go to war for him.

She closed her speech with message of gratitude. She wrote :

Reunion over. Grateful for the platform given @BBNaija @DStvNg and most importantly I’m thankful for the family I got from it. Archangels, no matter how far you all journey to; I will always cherish all of you. Thank you for believing in a flawed girl like me. Yellow forever💛



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