Bitcoin Trial of the century : Identity of pseudonymous Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto finally revealed by jury

December 6th, 2021

In what turns out to be an absolute shock, the seven count charges leveled against Dr Craig Wright by Ira Kleiman has taken an unexpected turn as the bitcoin trial of the century : reveals identity of pseudonymous bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

The verdict is in, Dr Craig Wright is the sole force behind the creation of Bitcoin according jury’s in Florida.

Dave Kleiman was not a partner, and his estate is entitled to none of the multi-billion-dollar Satoshi fortune.

Defense win on all claims except conversion. Jury awards $100 million to W&K Info Defense on that count. No punitive damages.

The Kleiman v Wright jury today returned in favor of Dr. Craig Wright on all but one of the seven counts against him—conversion. The jury found for the plaintiff on that count, but only to the extent that it applies to W&K Info Defense Research LLC, the company which Ira was purporting to use to sue Dr. Wright. This means that though the jury found that Dave Kleiman played no role in the Satoshi Nakamoto project, Dr. Wright had wrongfully exercised control over the property of W&K. For this, they awarded $100 million to W&K—and not the estate of Dave Kleiman.

W&K has turned this trial on its head as Dave Kleiman will have to appear in court to explain sueing Wright via the company.

Andrés Rivero said in a statement following the verdict:

“The decision reached by the jury today reinforces what we already knew to be the truth: Dr. Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto, the sole creator of Bitcoin and block chain technology,  and  Craig Wright did not form a partnership with David Kleiman to mine Bitcoin.

“Now that this case confirmed the origins of Bitcoin’s creation, Dr. Wright plans to make good on his promise to empower marginalized groups through the greatest financial equalizer of the modern era: Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision will allow people to steadily become part of the global capitalist world–start selling, trading, building themselves, not because they have to take handouts from the government, but because they can work with dignity for themselves. Dr. Wright plans to make Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision something that’s sustaining and sustainable that lasts.”


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