“Liquorose broke up with Emmanuel because she caught him cheating with a male partner” – blogger,Cutie_juls

May 8th, 2022

Few days ago social media went crazy when reality couples, Liquorose and Emmanuel unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Shortly after, Reality Star, Liquorose confirmed her breakup from fellow star, Emmanuel and now speculations have surfaced as to why she really broke up with him.

According to controversial blogger, Cutie_juls the alleged reason Liquorose broke up with Emmanuel was because she caught him red handed cheating on her in Dubai with a male lover.

Cutie_juls wrote :

“So let me go straight cuz this ship got me emotional.
So we have confirmed the reason why this ship stopped sailing was that

Rose caught Emma red handed cheating on her
This happened in Dubai. Rose cause Emma cheating with a male partner.

As in, Emma does both. He is Bisexual. Rose was very hurt and she called off the relationship.

Honestly we wish her strength. Catching your partner cheating on you can be very traumatising.

This one really hit cuz it was with a male partner. We respect people’s sexual orientation choices but honey, don’t lie about it.

Let your partner know the deal. If he or she is game, bingo.
We wish both of them best,

See his post below :




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