Nigerian man finds out fiancée he took to UK has been cheating on him for months

June 25th, 2022

A nigerian lady has taken to the micro blogging platform, Twitter, to narrate how her brother found out his fiancee has been cheating on him for months after after relocating her to the UK.

The lady narrated how her brother sponsored the travelling of himself and his fiancee to the UK despite all disapproval from family and friends.

Sadly, he recently found out the fiancee has been cheating on for seven months they’ve been in the UK.

She wrote :

“Sometimes, I wonder how my gender can be so callous.
My brother relocated to the UK and took his fiancée w him despite the fact that everyone was against it. He paid for everything and guess what?
She’s been cheating on him for over 7 months. They’ve been gone since June 2021!!

They both applied separately for a student visa but my brother paid all the bills”

See below :


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