Over 50 kidnapped children rescued from an underground church in Ondo (Video)

July 3rd, 2022

On Friday 2 July over 50 children were found and rescued from an underground of a church in ondo state.

According to reports, the children were being kept in the basement and used for trafficking.

The Pastor of the church and other accomplices have been apprehended and in police custody as the children were seen being driven in a police van to the station.

A background voice was heard saying :

They are kidnapped children recovered in the underground cell of a church in the Valentino Area of Ondo.” The pastor and some members of the church have been arrested and were also in the patrol van of the police. “

The police PRO confirmed the news by saying :

“They are transporting the casualties to the headquarters, but I’m still unsure of the specifics. I will provide you with the information as soon as I receive it from the DPO.” 

Watch videos below :



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