Popular Social Media Feminist throws her feminism in the mud as she gets married to her heartthrob

May 2nd, 2022

Popular social media feminist, Mercedes Ekwutosim Okwugoku, has reportedly gotten married to her heartthrob, Eric Uchenna Chimara. Throwing all her feminisms behind and going all in with her partner.

The lady who is well known for her advocacy for feminism on social media, was seen getting married and kneeling down for her supposed husband.

She shared a photo with the following caption :

”Chaii!!! My feminism in the mud!!!!”

See her post below:

The news had taken people by storm and surprise as many people didn’t even believe she was in a relationship due to her feminist attitudes.

Despite that congratulatory comments flowed in. One user wrote :

@Viola Ifeyinwa : “The coven has scattered chai, Mercedes, you have betrialed us! why did you kneel for Eric? Were you not informed that we do kneel for men (except when…sorry koff koff)! Congratulations Ndi Nkem!!!…”

See more comment screenshots :

Lots of self acclaimed feminists are getting married all over and bowing to their respective partners, one needs to have a rethink about listening to these people.

They tend to practice the opposite of what they teach and might end up misleading people.


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