“What will you do if I bring Bobrisky home as a wife” – Nigerian son ask his mom; she responds (VIDEO)

July 25th, 2022

A video making its round on social media depicts the hilarious conversation between a Nigerian mother and her son who asked her what she’ll do if he brings cross dresser, Bobrisky home as a wife.

Taking to Instagram to share the funny conversation he had with his mom, the young man threw the question at his mother who instantly stressed that she’ll chase the crossdresser away.

The boy went further to tell his mom she won’t be able to that because she’s generally nice to everyone. The mother argued that she finds Bobrisky irritating and wouldn’t welcome him in her house.


The discussion went further as the mom questioned the Barbie’s sexuality giving the fact that her son has been referring to him as her.

Watch the full video below :



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